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the on-line "office" of Brad Ingrao, AuD, audiologist, lecturer, advocate and all-around ear-tech-geek.

photo by: Marisa Sarto

Dr. Ingrao is an eclectic audiologist with 25 years of diagnostic, dispensing, and teaching experience. He excels at finding solutions for traditionally "difficult" patients - especially those with severe to profound hearing loss. His specialties include: severe to profound hearing loss, Hearing Assistive Technology, cochlear implants, complex diagnoses, teaching, and the integration of audiology clinical practice into computerized data systems. 

Dr. Ingrao has been a member of the Hearing Loss Association of America for over two decades, and is a regular columnist for their official journal , Hearing Loss magazine.

Locally, he is a member and regular presenter at HLAA chapters across Southern California including Lakewood, Los Angeles and is the professional advisor to the HLAA-City of Orange chapter.

The parent of an adult Deaf son, Dr. Ingrao is fluent in ASL, and hosts the monthly Long Beach Deaf Coffee Chat, a gathering of ASL users and students.

Dr. Ingrao is available to present at State, Regional, National and International symposia, as well as universities.

Below are a few of his lectures.